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best_pain_doctor_riWelcome to the website of Dr. Todd Handel and the Handel Center for Spine, Sports and Pain Intervention.

The Handel Center is a comprehensive treatment facility revolved around the whole treatment of a patient’s pain.

Dr. Handel is an Interventional Physiatrist, a doctor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, who specializes in various spine injections for pain management. All Patients are treated with respect and compassion by the courteous staff at the Handel Center.

Our Mission
The mission of the Handel Center for Spine, Sports & Pain Intervention is to improve the lives of our patients by reducing pain through our state-of-the-art multidisciplinary team approach.

Because chronic pain is complicated, a number of different treatment plans may be indicated, including nerve blocks, physical therapy, massage therapy and if needed medications.

Our sole purpose is to promote healthier more productive, pain free lives for our patients, while giving excellent care and customer service.

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